Alice’s Adventures in Pantoland

‘Alice’s Adventures in Pantoland’
A family pantomime written and directed
by Linda Dunn

Pantomime is a great British tradition loved by young and old alike. But there are only a handful of stories to choose from and St. James’s Players have done them all, quite a few times. I wanted to keep the pantomime tradition alive but add a new twist. The book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is another great British classic, surely the two traditions can come together? Oh yes they can! I have taken all the favourite characters from the book, added a few new ones and sent Alice down the rabbit hole, not into Wonderland but a parallel universe – Pantoland. Just as in the book the Queen of Hearts always wants to chop off everyone’s head and the Mad Hatter is completely bonkers.  When Alice arrives in Pantoland she meets lots of new friends whilst on her quest to find her lost little dog.  Come and join in the fun and help save everyone from the executioner in Alice’s Adventures in Pantoland.